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Who We Are

Superior Power Products Limited (SPPL) is an internationally recognized provider of sales, parts, and services to the Industrial and Construction sectors. Known for providing innovative, high quality service, SPPL has built an outstanding reputation as one of the premier sources for construction and industrial equipment and service. We're committed to providing customer solutions with integrity, efficiency, and unparalleled technical service.

Beginnings/Our History

Established in 1987 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, SPPL began as a supplier of safety and industrial equipment and provider of electrical services. Word spread quickly about the high quality of service and support on offer, allowing SPPL to be successful from the start. SPPL turned a profit in the very first year of business. The company incorporated in 1992, and has since continued a steady cycle of growth and expansion into new markets.

Commitment to Quality

Providing complete, reliable customer service is our top priority. As part of our commitment to quality service, we offer warranty and performance guarantees to help our your get the most out of your investment. We believe in continually adding value for our customers, and offer an extensive variety of repair, rebuilding, machining, design, and engineering services. With 25 years of experience in the construction and industrial sectors, SPPL possesses a unique and thorough understanding of the equipment our customers purchase and use. We focus on timely, reliable service, assuring our customers that we're not just a supplier, we're a resource.

Our Companies

As SPPL continues to grow, our ability to offer new products and services is expanding. The subsidiaries of SPPL share our commitment to providing high quality engineered services and exceptional customer service.

Our Partners

Our partners play a key role in SPPL's ability to provide fast, knowledgeable, and quality customer service. SPPL's partners share our commitment to providing customers with the highest level of technical expertise.

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