M-Series Air Compressor-5M

  • High Efficiency Coalescing Air Filter

    High Quality Compressed Air Filtration Particle Removal Down to 0.01 Micron Max. Oil Carryover 0.008 PPM w/w Nominal Pressure Drop 1.2 PSID ISO 8573 (Class 1) 99.9999% Efficiency


    Complete compressor package with mounted refrigerated air dryer, high efficiency coalescing air filter, and receiver tank. A modulating thermostatic expansion valve gives a more effective refrigeration control over a wide span of operating conditions. It prevents compressor failure due to liquid return commonly found in capillary tube designs.


    Complete compressor package with mounted desiccant air dryer and high efficiency coalescing air filter. EXTENDED LIFE mounted desiccant dryer to eliminate moisture and contaminants. -40oF Dew Point

      • Modular oil flooded rotary screw continuous duty industrial air compressor
      • 208/230/460/575/3/60 open drip motor
      • Full voltage magnetic starter with 110 volt control power
      • Automatic dual control
      • Line pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, and hour meter
      • Air cooled oil cooler/aftercooler with Palasyn 45, 4000 hour synthetic oil
      • Spin on type oil filter and separator elements for ease of maintenance
      • Air Filter: combination pleated and foam dry type, easily replaceable

      Optional Equipment

      • Enclosure
      • Tank mount with auto drain: 80, 120 gallon
      • Platform mount
      • Microprocessor
      • Inlet modulation control
      • Nema 4
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